Lisa Gay Takes Center Stage as Creative Director of the Playhouse Series at Las Vegas’ Modern Showrooms

Lisa Gay Takes Center Stage as Creative Director of the Playhouse Series at Las Vegas’ Modern Showrooms

The Playhouse Series at The Modern Showrooms is thrilled to announce the appointment of the renowned music luminary Lisa Gay as its Creative Director. The Playhouse Series, a unique and innovative theatrical concept located within the classic-style Las Vegas theaters at The Modern Showrooms, is dedicated to fostering creativity and providing a platform for emerging and established producers, playwrights, musicians, performers, and creative teams to showcase their theatrical and musical works.

The Playhouse Series at The Modern Showrooms offers a distinctive blend of timeless charm and modern amenities, creating an ideal space for developing and presenting potential future resident shows in front of a live audience. With one-night-only performances, the series lets creative teams focus on content and marketing direction for shows.

Lisa Gay’s extraordinary career in music and her dedication to the arts make her the perfect choice to lead the Playhouse Series in artistic exploration and community engagement. Born in Los Angeles, California, Lisa’s musical journey began at a young age, and she soon became a sought-after background vocalist, collaborating with legendary artists and gracing stages worldwide.

In Las Vegas, Lisa has left an indelible mark on the music scene, performing at iconic venues and contributing to the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. Her commitment to the arts extended to her role as Director of Entertainment for “The Liberace Foundation for The Performing and Creative Arts,” where she recently hosted the memorable Liberace’s 104th Birthday Celebration Show at the Alexis Park Resort.

Lisa’s enduring love for the music community and her inspiring battle against stage 4 cancer has made her a beloved figure in Las Vegas and beyond. Her premier shows, “Lisa’s Living Room” and “The Songbook of Phyllis Hyman,” continue to captivate audiences, and her upcoming projects promise to keep her music alive for years.

“Lisa’s appointment as Creative Director is a testament to her remarkable journey, resilience, and dedication to the arts and the Las Vegas community,” said Pete Housley, creator of the Playhouse Series. “The Modern Showrooms is excited to embark on this new chapter with Lisa at the helm, and we look forward to the exciting productions and experiences that lie ahead.”

The first performance in the Playhouse Series, “An Evening with The Phantom: A Tribute to the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber,” starring Rose Kingsley and Larry Wayne, is scheduled for October 4, 2023, at 7pm; tickets are on sale now.

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